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Brain memory numbness front and both sides blocking sensories from being felt nerves shaking body at time not able controlled Top and sides of brain hurt burning sensation humming creeking and feeling as if brain moves and clicks back of head direction goes in and out of sensories top of brain on fire humming in my head back flushing nervous system hypnotised ups down frequent wake up with shaking nervousness cotton mouth confusion brain numbed no memory and cant connect sensories Itching of head constant. Choke hold of neck loud boom in back of head. Memory loss can't sit watch tv loss of dates ..everyone around me has a stiff neck. 


I dreamt I was talking to myself, but when I woke I could not remember who was speaking. Their voice was so familiar to my own breathing or the beating of my heart in my ears that if their voice were to stop I feel as though the beating of my heart may stop also. 

Sometimes when I snap my head to the side or think about my breathing it goes away, but always returns. 


In an exchange with the sky I heard mouthless suckless vibration, a sleeping, whining turning breathing. It is regular pulsing sound of a slightly higher frequency only a second between pulses and does not change with increased heart rate. I was loud enough to unearve but not loud enough to hear. The only way to be sure that I was hearing it was to note when I was not hearing it. I checked inside the house, nothing. I checked outside, in the road the trees underground, nothing. A sound disruption for control, the mall, certainly a sound introduced into the environment purposefully. I could see it represented on a certain cable television channel not now in digital but only sometimes when it is windy. I can also feel it in my chest, under the sky, especially in one place, perhaps where the mouth should have been. 

It sounds like the chop chop of a train or a fan as it turns, wap wap. 


It’s criteria is a complete fiction, Phantom that is accepted by others to communicate with the edges of a culture or subculture.I hear this when it is quiet and not happening at all It keeps me up for a few minutes attributed to something never beginning. The first time to silence it was to try and keep us in time. Nothing to silence strong lines repetition always begins again. I assume it was a sound that is only able to be phantom and allows at least for me, to be with the edges of hallucination whenever and whenever, only at night to my head as unlived effect.The electric sound prickled minutes, i've always seen a whole through which to enter my head. We can provide a home for ghosts as I would like to see them without asking. 


On Sound

Sound without presence asserts its absence. Everywhere we are surrounded by voices coming from the wrong mouths, no mouths at all, voices from beyond the grave, voices yet to exist. We look frantically for the tape recorder. 

The hum emanates from nowhere, from no apparent source. Shifting from a boom, to a rumble to a repetitive crackle appearing inside of heads without entering through ears. I sensed it more than heard it. A Parasitic virus looking for holes in which to enter and a space which to fill. Hosts in which to take up residence and compel to mimic them. A sound never stopping to begin again. In a world filled with sounds and whisperings, reverberations head directly towards the void, prickling into nothingness. A sound that comes from nothingness, from the void, has nowhere to go and everybody to speak to. 


On Words

The rules of words keep us in time. When we read words off a page we impersonate them. They hold us as their hosts. Repeat Repeat and Reconfirm. Like an earworm holding us to a structure, a form and a catchy chorus. Don't fight what you cant see. The language of the ghosts is out of joint. Out of time. Use the nonsensical narrative to communicate with the nonsensical. We can provide a home for the spectres without asking them to disappear. The spell of a medium pronounced wrong may do nothing or may conjour other than the ghost we are searching for. Did you die in this house John ? 

With everybody subject to the same sonic menace for the same time in the same place on and off on and off, effects reverberate and sound has governance. Sleep deprived and hunting for the ghosts that linger in these hauntings. 

We can provide a home for the ghosts. 


After some research I reached out to someone, his response “the first step is admitting it” ok that was weird. 

Provider top potentially corporate depict personnel curtain initially mix mix up today, possibly the world crying out in pain, probably due to plastic overload.

When I speak out loud to myself, I realise it is still to you I am talking. From Dogmouth, Wolfmouth, many many teeth’d mouth. I wish I could hang out with you, what would the conversation be, how would it go? 

My teeth keep coming in more and more, so much better to grind and twist and chatter through the skull and remind myself of my own mouth to speak to you with. 


It is later than you think 

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